My Dream Home, In The Future

The past few years I’ve witnessed classmates graduating and buying a house the very same day.  A house.  I don’t know why this is so crazy to me.  I guess because the idea that in a little over a year I could be buying a house that is all mine is a bit terrifying.  Which is why I most certainly won’t.

First things first, I simply could not afford one, perhaps with the exception of a dog house.  Second, I am most definitely not ready to plant myself in one place, and the idea of buying and selling and buying and selling is so excruciatingly awful that it makes me sick thinking about it.

So, for awhile at least, I’d like to stick to an apartment.  They are relatively easy and it’s nice to have a waiting hand ready to fix any problem that may arise.  Plus, a year long lease is not near as scary as a 30 year mortgage.  That way, when the day comes that I am ready to travel, I can ship my belongings back home and be on my way; no realtor fee, no stressful open house, no making payments for an empty residence.  I just need an apartment that is pet friendly and safe.  And small.  I don’t need anything extravagant.

Any money I save from not having to pay interest and home owner’s insurance, I can save towards a future home.  When I’m ready, I want to build my own house.  It’ll be a lot of work, but the more I can do myself, the better.  I want a large plot of land with a modest home.  A few small bedrooms with a large kitchen and living room surrounding an indoor courtyard.  Single story, with a basement.  Big windows with stained glass frames all throughout.

I’d like to build a zero emission home, opening the possibility of no energy bills.  A compost area, a fruit and vegetable garden, and a large yard for my dogs and foster animals to run.

It wouldn’t be easy, but I’d love the opportunity to do most of the work myself.  I’d have a contractor pour the concrete and build the frame, but I could do a lot of the drywall (aka my stepdad could do a lot of the drywall…).  I’d lie the wood floors myself, paint the walls, beg my stepdad to help with the plumbing, and so on.  I’d buy most of my furniture at garage sales and thrift stores, and refurnish any of them that need it.

I don’t need fancy things, I just want comfort.  I want to be proud of knowing that no one has a home like mine, it is completely unique.  This is my dream home.  What’s yours?

5 thoughts on “My Dream Home, In The Future

  1. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

    As a homeowner, I can say with certainty that I don’t know if I would be so quick to buy a house again. I know everyone tells you it is one of the best investments you can make but on the flip side it is also one of the biggest expenses you will undertake. Now that I own a house, I feel very tied down to a physical location, which can be good or bad depending on circumstances.

    If I was single, I could easily see myself in a “tiny house.” Something that is semi off the grid (solar power but with well water/plumbing and say propane for heating/cooking). 400 to 500 square feet would be more than plently for me.

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    • Kassie says:

      That’s what I’ve been thinking! I don’t think that there is anything wrong with buying a house, but I don’t want to plant my feet in the ground before I’ve had a chance to find out where I want to be.
      And I eventually want a kid or two, but they don’t need a mansion. It’s just more to clean and eventually more square feet doesn’t equal more useful space. Small and simple and environmentally friendly is the way to go.

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  2. Stepdad says:

    Since you helped build the dream house your mother and I live in, I would be happy to help build one for you. BTW- Drywall is something I am extremely willing to pay someone else to do. Not that I can’t do it, I just dislike it that much. Anything else is fair game.

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  3. Tanya Zammit says:

    Hey there, yes I totally agree with you having a 1 year lease and not jumping in so quick!!! You have to know before you go, not just jump in….
    Your report is very informative and I totally get it. All the best, Tanya

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