Idealistic Campaign Funding

As recently announced, the conservative Koch brothers have announced a budget to contribute $889 Million to the 2016 presidential race.  In 2012, each party spent approximately $1 billion on campaigns, the most expensive year in election history.  The next most expensive election year was 2008.  As trend suggests, 2016 is on track to break new records.

OpenSecrets provides a fantastic graph and chart to show the cost of congressional and presidential elections since 1998.

Taking into account both congressional and presidential elections in 2008, 2010, and 2012, over $15 billion was spent on campaign efforts.  Fifteen billion.  That doesn’t take into account any dirty money passed under the table.  All of this money is being spent on obnoxious campaigns that frustrated citizens mute or exit out of.  Payroll, fees, traveling, etc.

My idealistic self wonders what would happen if they invested this money in the causes they blabber on about.  One billion dollars isn’t going to change the world, but it can change someone’s world.  If a candidate appeared on a tv debate and announced that all of their fundraising money was being invested in the education system, they would have my vote faster than an adrenaline-filled heartbeat.

Unfortunately a tactic like this probably wouldn’t work.  Over exposure seems to be an effective method, especially considering many voters don’t tune in to debates or do their research about candidates.

But, what if?

One thought on “Idealistic Campaign Funding

  1. rixlibris says:

    A bit of perspective, since LBJ declared the war on poverty we have spent over a trillion dollars. That’s why you don’t see poor people any more.

    The was on drugs has lasted 40 years and has also cost over a trillion dollars. Results, no more illegal drugs on our streets.

    And lastly, the war on terrorism has cost a whopping five trillion but it’s worth it for the feeling of security we all share, right?

    Massive campaign finances fits into this mold because it is just another device for increasing the wealth of the in crowd.

    Being a member of that crowd, growing wealthier day by day, shouldn’t you applaud these efforts to buy and reward our politicians.



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