Getting In The Christmas Spirit

Wow, I’ve been staying busy.

After my final final (haha) on Friday, I drove home listening to delightful Christmas music (thanks lovely followers).  It was my stepdad’s birthday and my aunt was in town so we went to this fantastic hole-in-the-wall Italian dive.  They have the most scrumptiously filling calzones.  We also watched Frozen while I struggled to keep my eyes open.

I woke up early Saturday and got a far overdue hair cut, and then my mother and I went shopping.  Seven hours of shopping.  We rocked that shopping trip.  We also ate at Genghis Grill which is a build your own stir-fry place and if you’ve never been to one, go.  That night we watched A Christmas Story and drank eggnog, as is a tradition in this house.

Sunday we finally got to decorate the Christmas tree.  A huge, full, real one.  I can’t imagine having it any other way.  Let’s all keep our fingers crossed, because it isn’t really too Charlie-proof.  Then we wrapped Christmas presents.  Needless to say, after this past weekend I am definitely in the Christmas mood!

Last night I got to catch up with an old friend.  It’s crazy how true friends can go months without talking and be just as close as before.

And finally, I am getting LASIK today!  So, if the next post is from Cody explaining that I am blind, that’s why….

I love Christmas break.

If some of you are not having as good of a day as I am, here is a picture that will hopefully cheer you up.

I commanded Doofus to "say cheese!"

I commanded Doofus to “say cheese!”

8 thoughts on “Getting In The Christmas Spirit

      • stevetheman18 says:

        Yeah, I’m definitely more of a dog person. They always give you lots of love! My past dog, which was a mix of a black lab, greyhound, and bull terrier had a very mischievous personality with that terrier part, she was fast as well until she did something to her leg chasing a rabbit, and she loved water as well.

        Yes, my family grew our own Christmas tree and it’s huge so we had to cut it a little shorter.



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