I’m back!  I’ve resurfaced in this typhoon-ridden ocean that is finals week.  I still have one left too early on Friday morning, but that one should be a breeze.  I’ve survived–physically, the verdict is still out on emotional survival–my accounting finals.  One in Financial Reporting, one in Tax.  Our government really should consider making a simplified version of the rule books.

Oh well, my GPA may have taken a shiner this semester, but next will be better…right?  It is my opinion that the unreasonable chaos and stress of finals are 80% of the battle.

I am very much a person of routine.  I wake up at the same time every morning, drink coffee, eat breakfast (which is nearly always the same), take my vitamins, and read the news.  I check my blog, take a shower, and then head on my way for the day.  I do my homework after class, eat around the same time, read before bed, and go to sleep on schedule.  Maybe my body is 50 years younger than my soul, but that’s how I operate.  It’s how I’m programmed to thrive.  That’s okay however, because I’m used to it.  I take morning classes and hold myself to a pretty regimented schedule.  Further more, I pay for it if I stray.

My point here is that, having a 7-9:30 pm final really wasn’t my cup of tea.  Nor was my mind really churning out accounting ratios.

Take my roommate, as well.  She is intelligent and a good student, for lack of better words.  She currently has some sort of nasty stomach-bug/flu/strep throat concoction.  Fun.  How can she possibly perform her best in order to uphold to the rigorous academic standards expected of the students in her graduate program?  Maybe she is some sort of super-being, but I personally don’t want such an unforgivably large percentage of my hard work to sit precariously on the shoulders of a bad week.  I guess no one asked me though.

Speaking of routine, mine is a little off tonight, obviously.  I really should be heading to bed….

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