I’m Ready for You, Finals

Yay!  Today is my last day of classes for the semester.  Next week I have three finals and then I will be headed home to my beloved pups and my heavenly bed.

The two finals that may be the end of me are both Accounting finals.  Tax and Financial Reporting.  Doesn’t that sound horrible?  While I find the content of these classes to be rather interesting, they are quite honestly kicking my butt.  The extraneous amount of homework and the absolutely ridiculous number of bizarre and complicated rules and calculations (especially for tax) are often overwhelming.  So any accountants out there,  God bless you and I’m very sorry.

That being said, dead week–which I’ve always found to be much more difficult than finals week–is finally over.  I spent the gorgeous afternoon drowning in puppy love at the shelter and wandering aimlessly through the park. Now I can begin cracking down on studying and eating popcorn.

The best part?  After next week I only have three semesters left and that degree is mine sweet mine.  Plus, they should be much more interesting semesters.  *Fingers crossed*  Plus I love Christmas desserts.

10 thoughts on “I’m Ready for You, Finals

  1. stevetheman18 says:

    Good luck on the finals! I’m a senior in high-school and I’m on the semester system but I don’t have any finals. You must be on the quarter system, then? What college do you go to? I’m actually going to be taking some financial class next semester…so that aught to be exciting!


      • stevetheman18 says:

        Hmm… that’s weird. My high-school has its end of semester in January.

        Great! I have a friend who goes to Alabama or does she go to Auburn? Can’t remember… although I would rather go to Alabama these days because their athletics are better. #rolltide

        Although, next year in football, my Wisconsin badgers play the tide.


      • Kassie says:

        College is almost always going to have the fall semester end before Christmas and the spring semester begin after new years.

        HUGE difference. Not really but we hate Auburn. Also, we will kick your butt, just sayin’


      • stevetheman18 says:

        That’s definitely good to know. A lot of colleges I’m looking at use the quarter system so that is why about now I would be having finals.

        Lol! *chuckles* We’ll have to see. You guys lose your quarterback and a bunch of other players.

        Good luck to you guys against Missouri this week though. Wisconsin plays in the Big Ten Championship this week as well.

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