If you really want to get in the Veteran’s Day spirit, go sleep in the streets.

We, as Americans, have fueled the belief that war is glamorous and heroic, probably because of our fortunate distance from the violence. Men and women proudly sign up to be torn down and ruined. Thank you for sharing this Saxlepres. It is beautifully written and heart-wrenchingly true. The military too often neglects it’s members and hides the recurring atrocities.

Alex Press

Veteran’s Day, a day for honoring an abstracted “heroic soldier.”

For ignoring the tangible homeless (33% of whom are veterans) and the bodies piling up as more active-duty troops kill themselves than die in combat and dozens of veterans end their lives every day.

For keeping quiet on the frequency with which many of our soldiers rape their subordinates as well as civilians.

A day to reaffirm that we’re unwilling to interrogate what such truths, if accepted, reveal about the US military and our beloved boys in uniform.

The countless Facebook posts my friends on the left write as counter-narratives to uncritical holiday celebration aren’t really my thing. However, I figured I’d make use of the holiday to write about a close friend of mine named J, someone who was in no way a hero, but was a veteran, having served two tours as a US Marine in Afghanistan and Iraq. He killed himself on the first day of 2014, leaving me…

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