Veteran’s Day


American Normandy Cemetery

In honor of Veteran’s Day, I’d like to share this photograph with you.  At Omaha Beach, there is a large cemetery where over 9,387 fallen soldiers lie.  Many Americans were put to rest on the very soil that they passed, and it is a very emotional and breathtaking place.  There are 17 sets of relatives buried side by side, thousands of miles from their homes.

It is phenomenal the effort and care that our friends overseas have taken to protect our fallen heroes.  They keep it clean, protected, and true to the American spirit.  Locals buried, remembered, and recorded each soldier that was killed until the end of the war, when they could be given a proper burial.  They brought flowers, prayed over the graves, and cried tears for the families that couldn’t be there.  For that, we should be forever grateful.

This is such a remarkable place.  It’s difficult to imagine the horrors of war on such beautiful land.  Happy Veteran’s Day to our fallen heroes of all sex, race, and religion.  And a very Happy Veteran’s Day to those still protecting us.


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