Hi everyone, I would like for you to meet Cody.  He’s my very best friend and I wouldn’t be near the woman I am today without him.

Long-distance relationships are hard, there’s no question about it.  Between school, work, time differences, and separate friend groups, it’s not always easy to have “us” time.  It takes a lot of dedication, trust, commitment, and patience (which I was most definitely not blessed with).  I would be lying if I said the distance hasn’t come between us before, but we get a little better at it every day.  He is kind, smart, funny,  and by the far the most patient person out there.  He’s the best man I’ve ever known.  He has been there during my darkest times, and loved me through it.  He showed me that it’s okay to let people in, when I never thought I’d be able to do that again.  He has filled my heart with more happiness than I ever though possible.  He makes me a better person.

I only gush about him so you can truly appreciate how important this boy is to me.  Sadly, we are by no means the only people loving each other from afar.  The silver-lining here is that we are growing up in a time with texting and video-chatting.  Soldiers can call home and wish their family good night.  Loved ones separated on holidays can celebrate together.  Best friends can text each other the craziest stories.  I can FaceTime Cody and tell him about my day.

Tonight, and every night, I am thankful for the technology that allows people like us to connect, even from a distance.  Without this connection, I don’t know that we could have made it this far, and that would have been a darn shame.  Even with it, I will never take a hug for granted.


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