Two Roads…

Lately, I’ve really been struggling.  I’m stuck between two paths in life.  One is sensible, smart.  I will graduate with a business degree from a great program in less than two years.  I will be debt free and set to go.  I would get a steady job and be on with my life.  The second is risky, unsure, and honestly a bit terrifying.  I want to pack my bags, get in my car, and drive.  I want to meet people and see things.  I want to write a book to share my stories and pictures with people.  I want to truly understand this beautiful country and one day, this world in a more clear light.  And I desperately want to understand and help people.  Robert Frost would suggest that I take the second.  Practicality would push for the first.  I’m stuck.

It seems that there are so many people out there in my position just stuck between two hard places.  Maybe the situation is completely different than mine.  It probably is.  I’ve watched two TED talks recently that spoke to me.  (Yes I love inspirational speakers.)  If you are confused, wandering, or aimless, I would urge you to check these videos out.

These were both phenomenal, but this next one hit home.  If you are young, or love someone who is young and lost, this one is great.

Recently, a fellow blogger said to me, “Remember that you are dead for a long time. This life is not a rehearsal!”  That stuck with me, and it really ties in with Sarah Kay’s final words in the first video.  We may not get another chance.

I don’t know where I will end up.  Too often it gives me anxiety thinking about it.  Right now, I’m leaning for the second path.  I’m not sure how I could afford it or even achieve it, but how can I truly be content knowing that I let such an important dream slip away? Especially when the endless possibilities could allow me to help people. I will always have the pretty degree, so why not learn more about the world around me before I dive into the businesses that so heavily impact the people and places I crave to learn more about.

9 thoughts on “Two Roads…

  1. Lovely Anne says:

    I feel the exact same way. Travel the world or keep my office job? It’s just scary, I suppose. You’re so right though. I get massive anxiety about all the things I still have left to do. Keep me updated as I would love to use you as inspiration.


      • Lovely Anne says:

        Thank you! Stories like yours are inspiring!

        The whole reason flowers and wanderlust was created was because I was sitting at my desk at work, almost to the point of tears, because that’s where I was spending my life. I didn’t want it to continue so ever since, we’ve been constantly on the go. Why would you want to be there when you feel like you belong out there — in the world?

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      • Lovely Anne says:

        That would make sense as to why we are so drawn to that lifestyle. Sometimes I envy the lifestyles of others. My life has to be so planned and organized (I carry a planner in my purse always), and college and life. Ah! I just wish sometimes that we could throw enough belongings in a car and just go. Explore the world and never look back. That’s pretty scary when you have a foundation to think about… but you only have one life to live. You never get it back.
        Good luck to you & thank you for being my new WP friend.

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  2. Safiani Mahat says:

    I’m also having the exact dilemma. But my sister always reminds me of a quote which said “Wonderful things lie outside our comfort zone. Take it or leave it.”

    Most importantly, follow what your heart says 😀



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