Metro Animal Shelter

Meet Xene, a young pit at the shelter I volunteer at.  She has so much energy and even more love to give.

This afternoon I headed out to a gorgeous overlook on the river by campus for my “Bliss” picture.  (For those of you who don’t know, I’m currently participating in a photo blog challenge.) I got some awesome shots.  The sun was still high and my afternoon class was cancelled, so I had a few extra hours to head out to the animal shelter before they closed.

It was when I was playing out back with this sweetheart that I realized what bliss really is for me.  I absolutely love volunteering with animals.  I started because I miss my pets so much when I’m at school and I wanted to give some unlucky animals a little bit of love.  Since I’ve been there my heart has given way to some of these amazing creatures.  I’ve experienced so much joy, and even heartbreak when animals aren’t given the chance to be adopted.  It has brought way for a new life goal and I can’t wait to see how many lives I can change.

I’m going to use this moment to send out a plea to you guys.  There are so many fantastic animals that come through this shelter every day and there are so many more shelters just like this one.  They do the very best they can, but they aren’t always able to save every pet.  Puppies and kittens come in and are adopted within the day.  Older dogs and cats stay there for weeks and months and some never get the chance to leave.  They have so much love and appreciation and are much more low-maintenance than a baby pet.  As this holiday season approaches, consider opening your home to a new family member, especially to an older one.  I often imagine how horrible it would be to see my beloved dogs and cat in a kennel and know that may never be adopted because of their age.

If you can’t adopt, consider donating or volunteering.  If you do want a new furry member, adopt instead of buying.  Most importantly, if you end up with an animal, spay or neuter is so we can continue giving homes to the many homeless love-bugs out there.

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