I will take a moment to be very thankful.

Last night I drove the 441 miles from my school apartment to my home for the first time in 72 days.  This is the longest amount of time I’ve been away from home and I have missed it terribly.

I love my mom and Cody tremendously, but I get to text and talk to them every single day.  Furthermore, they understand my absence.  They understand that I am at my dream school, learning and growing.  They know that I love them, am coming back, and am not abandoning them.  My mess of dogs and a cat are not so fortunate.  When they saw me last night they whined and cried and went crazy while my puppy peed all over my feet.  They are sweet and perfect and it breaks their heart every time I leave.  It is them that makes me homesick more than anything.

While I was so happy to be headed home, it dawned on me that not everyone is so lucky.  Some people don’t have the opportunity to return home, at least not as often as I do.  Some people are not welcome home or don’t even have one to return to.  Some people don’t have quite the welcoming crowd that I do.  If you happen to be one of those people, know that my heart goes out to you.  You are brave and strong.

I wish that I could take my loves back to school with me.  However, I am so appreciative that they will be here when I return.


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