Life is a Highway (minus Rascal Flatts)

Alright readers, I must admit that this idea is a little choppy and definitely needs some more research, but I’m going to do the best I can.

Many of us have driven down an interstate before, correct? I’m only assuming that, since there are roughly 47,700 miles of it weaved throughout the United States. Along with the interstate comes 47,000 miles of median, much of which is merely grass accompanied with median cables. The grass seems cleanly cut on a regular basis (maybe once every 7-10 days?). I am curious to know how much the government pays for the labor, mowers, and gas costs that it take to support such a network.

Okay, so although I cannot verify the feasibility of this idea, what if instead of grass, we planted a variety of native plants throughout the medians. Yes, it wouldn’t be free, it may even be more expensive to begin. However, here are a few benefits I imagine:

  • In the long run, it would cut maintenance costs
  • It would reduce the amount of air pollution produced from the mowers
  • There would be more plants to absorb carbon dioxide from the air
  • It would be much more visually appealing
  • We could give a home to endangered plants
  • Traffic would run smoother as drivers wouldn’t be tempted to stare across the medians at hold-ups in the opposite lanes
  • At night, drivers wouldn’t be blinded by incoming headlights

I’m sure there are other reasons to move towards this more environmentally sound approach at interstate medians. Yes, maintenance won’t disappear completely, and every thing has some negative possibilities. But this could be a start. What do you think?


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