Mardi Gras Art

Mardi Gras Art

Here’s a rather easy project that is quite enjoyable.

What you need:

Mardi Gras beads
Hot glue gun/glue
Picture frame
Black paint

First, remove the glass from the picture frame, and paint the cardboard insert. (I used black spray paint) This will help the beads appear brighter. Once the cardboard is dry, place it back in the frame.  You  won’t need the glass.

Now you just need a pattern or idea. I wanted mine to be abstract so I just started gluing and went with it. Cut sections of the beads, and start gluing. I found that it’s easier to use short sections at a time and squish the beads together. Do the best you can. There are endless ideas with this project. Don’t freak out if it isn’t perfect, it won’t be. You really won’t notice the imperfections once it’s complete.

Good luck!



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